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Learn more about our local bar and grill in Charlotte, IA

Buying a bar during the pandemic took courage and faith, and the husband-and-wife team at Dad's Place has plenty of both. We're proud to serve our community by serving up delicious drinks at our local bar and grill. Whether you're in the mood for a specialty sandwich or just an appetizer, you can't go wrong with our restaurant.

Our extensive experience in foodservice makes us excellent restaurateurs. When the previous owner of this bar and grill was ready to retire, we knew we had to become the new owners. We're proud to serve up tasty meals every day.

Spend this evening at our local bar in Charlotte, IA.

Eat local- your community and your taste buds will thank you

You're sure to enjoy yourself at our family-owned restaurant, whether you're ordering our homemade sandwiches or trying our drink specials. We pride ourselves on our bartending skills. You'll enjoy our:

Domestic beer options
Busch Light on tap
Mimosas, screwdrivers and Bloody Marys

Come enjoy a beverage and meal at our family-owned restaurant in Charlotte, IA.